Endless Youth – a new feature film

This summer the two young film makers Marisa Meier (producer) and Denis Stormer (director) will shoot their debut film “Endless Youth”. As the production company, tellfilm is very proud to be part of this project.

The two of them developed the concept and wrote a first draft of the script together while finishing their studies at the Film Academy Baden-Würtemberg. With Marisa Meier as the producer and Denis Stormer as the director we look forward to now turning their concept into a film.

Having won the Fast-Track competition 2018 organized by the Zurich Film Commission, the creative team of “Endless Youth” is now already working at full speed. The feature filn is currently in pre-production.

Endless youth is a fictional transmedia project that explores the topic of growing up. The central characters are a group of five youngsters living in a town where an algorithm decides over the process of reaching adulthood.

To highlight the contrast between the world of adults and the world of the youngsters the creative team makes use of two different media:

1. A web series consisting of individual clips uploaded online.
They document the aimless world of these youngsters. The series will be uploaded to various social media accounts created for the respective characters.

2. A feature film, made for cinema and VOD
In this film, Wanja, one of the carefree youngsters, grows up. In doing so she gets to know a second, efficient world, one that is completely new to her. She is forced to choose between these two realities of life.