IMAGO – short film

tellfilm is pleased to announce the ongoing production of IMAGO, a short film by the screenwriter and director Remy Blaser. After a succesful shoot, the prject is now in post-production.

IMAGO tells the story of a dystopian world, where humans have animalistic features. Couples find each other by performing birdlike courtship dances in order to procreate. But since the main character, Jonathan, can’t dance, he has no right to exist. Still, he develops a love affair with his neighbour, which is not accepted by this society. When the manager threatens to expel Jonathan due to his inactivity, a metamorphosis begins; he transitions into a mothlike creature. He starts the usual aggressive courtship dance but soon changes it into a more sensual dance. He and his neighbour can now have a relationship, that follows only their own rules.


Cast: Elisa Plüss, Silvio Kretschmer, Marina Guerrini, Morris Weckherlin, Sabrina Reolon, Claudio Costantino i.a.

Crew: Katrin Renz (producer), Remy Blaser (writer and director), Meret Madörin (camera), Annatina Huwiler (set design), Lea Nussbaum (costume), Sabine Flückiger (make-up), Benoit Barraud (original sound), Fabian Kaiser (editor), Laura Kaehr (choreography), Raphael Hitz (composition)