tellfilm was founded in 1997 by Markus Kaeppeli and Stefan Jäger under the name of handsUP! Film Production. Together they produced within handsUP! their first feature film MISGUIDED ANGEL in 1998. MISGUIDED ANGEL was shot and finished in the USA and got distributed into several countries around the globe.

In the meantime the company moved their headquarters to Zurich. In 2013 tellfilm Germany was founded, based in Berlin.

Stefan Jäger is head of tellfilm Zurich. He is a director, script writer and working as a teacher in several film schools in Germany and Switzerland. Oliver Schütte is head of tellfilm Germany. Since November 2007, Katrin Renz works for the company as a producer and dramatic adviser. She’s a former MEDIA consultant in Germany and worked for production companies in Germany and Austria as well as for Masterschool Drehbuch in Berlin. Producer Patrick Merkle joined the company in September 2011.

Next to successfully producing several feature films, feature documentaries and a documentary series for Swiss TV, tellfilm has been developing several screenplays for the last few years, some of which are shortly entering pre-production, for example EIN SONNTAG IN DEN BERGEN which tells the story of the attack on the villa of Axel Springer in 1975. Recently, the Swiss Tatort production (TATORT – WUNSCHDENKEN) was successfully broadcasted on Swiss Television with the second highest viewer rating for a Sunday evening slot on SF ever.