#dreamjob #happiness #TheBestVersionOfYourself. Or just you and your friends, young wild and stupid, shitfaced against the rest. Choose wisely. The perpetual underdog Wanja gets the unique chance to start a career as an architect and finally becomes an adult. Amongst all the new won privileges she starts missing the friends from her youth. The more successful she becomes the more lonely she feels. She begins to understand that the youngsters cherish something that the adults have lost: community. She refuses to tear down her friends old barn which has become their only shelter. Instead of building them a new home and chasing a remarkable career, she decides to protect Valpolvra’s last social community.

Youth Topia

Feature film (2021)


Dennis Stormer


Marisa Meier, Dennis Stormer


Lia von Blarer, Elsa Langnäse, Lou Haltinner, Saladin Dellers, Jürg Plüss


tellfilm GmbH, Seestern Filmproduktion (D)
Intuition Club (D)


Zürcher Filmstiftung CH
Hessen Film DE
Filmwerkstatt Kiel DE