Ursus & Nadeschkin – Aufhören wäre einfach

Documentary (2019)


Stefan Jäger


Nadja Sieger, Urs Wehrli, Tom Ryser



Die Ausstrahlung des Dokumentarfilms erfolgte im Januar 2020 auf SRF1

90 min

Ursus & Nadeschkin are one of the most renowned Swiss comedy duos. For decades they have been delighting generations of spectators on national and international stages with their idiosyncratic and always surprising humour. They have received several awards. The two are two exceptional artists and have been a couple for over 30 years - for many viewers also in reality, but in reality both have their own families and are also independently from "Ursus & Nadeschkin" artistically active: Nadja Sieger as director, Urs Wehrli as author of the well-known book and performance series "Tidy up art". In the documentary "Ursus & Nadeschkin - Back to the roots" we look behind the scenes and show what connects life and art in their work. In the process we get to know two people, which could not be more different and yet have something essential in common: The infinite pleasure of making people laugh and touching them deeply.