SRF HE!MATLAND – Schule machen

Documentary series (2017)


Stefan Jäger


Franco Marvulli (Ex-Radrennprofi), Bea Petri (Unternehmerin), Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart (Schauspieler) und Lea Lu (Musikerin).


tellfilm (commissioned by SRF)

4 x 36 min

What does it take to be a teacher? How has the school changed in the last few years? To answer these and other questions, the format "SRF HE!MATLAND - Schule machen" sends four well-known Swiss personalities to a school they once attended themselves. There the new teachers teach on the one hand the subject in which they were professionally successful, and on the other hand the subject that caused them the most headaches. They are not only observed and judged by the students, but also by the teachers, who keep a close eye on their performance.