When 10-year-old, sassy, enthusiastic detective Roxy Sauerteig, driven by an irrepressible love of investigation, moves to Berlin with her mother, she plops right into the biggest case of her life involving a museum theft worth millions. But Roxy, who has grown accustomed to being a lateral thinker and a loner who gets in trouble everywhere, can only solve this case with the help and friendship of two other loners: the snarky Annaté, daughter of the museum director, who is suffering from her parents' divorce, and the quirky, mysterious "everything collector" Mr. Grindelmann.


Feature film in development


Katharina Reschke


Joachim Masannek


tellfilm Deutschland, Oliver Schütte


Phanta Basta
Harro van Staverden
ZDF Digital
Gloria Burkert

Funding Germany

mdm (Drehbuchförderung)
FFA (Dfrehbuchfortentwicklung)