Doctor Viktoria Riget (65) is about to make history: the world's first head transplant is planned at her research institute. The paraplegic footballer Micha Kern is to receive a new, functional body. The young and curious doctor Johanna is overjoyed to be allowed to take part in this groundbreaking transplantation as Viktoria's personal assistant.
The intended donor, however, does not meet Viktoria's inflated expectations. Willing to go to any lengths for her vision, Viktoria secretly induces the brain death of another patient who is suitable as a donor. Only Dr. Guillot, deputy director of the institute, knows of Viktoria's machination. The operation succeeds.

Kern's physical recovery goes smoothly and he quickly regains his strength. However, while his psyche is increasingly affected by his new body, Viktoria's health deteriorates rapidly after she suffers from a muscle atrophy diagnosed at a young age.

When Kern abruptly takes his own life, the research institute is closed. Victoria's own death draws ever closer. Unwilling to submit to her death, Viktoria plans her own transplant together with Dr Guillot. In Johanna she finds comfort - and a suitable donor. Before the young doctor can unmask Viktoria's diabolical plan, she is overpowered by her and ends up next to Viktoria on the operating table a short time later: as a body donor. Under the supervision of Dr. Guillot, the second head transplant is successfully performed.

Viktoria awakens in Johanna's youthful body. But the price is high...

Nobody but you

formerly «Karma Houdini»
Feature film in project development


Remy Blaser




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