1906: A time of upheaval, fears and hopes characterise society. The first dropouts seek their paradise and find it in the south of Switzerland, on Monte Verità. They do not only remove their clothes, but also the spiritual corset that has shaped society for far too long.

MONTE VERITÀ tells the story of Hanna Leitner, mother of two, who shortly after the founding of the sanatorium makes the journey from Vienna to the south of Switzerland to escape her bourgeois role, which threatens to suffocate her. In therapy with the young psychoanalyst Otto Gross, who has a fascination for her, she soon realises what her deep fears and her illness are based on. However, she also senses that the respected doctor has a secret which he is keeping from her. He himself is a patient on the mountain to recover from his drug addiction. Torn between feelings of guilt towards her family and fascination for the life of the reformers, Hanna overcomes her initial resistance and discovers photography. Besides the young Hermann Hesse, the dancer Isadora Duncan and the founder of Monte Verità - Ida Hofmann - it is especially Lotte Hattemer, the daughter of the Berlin mayor, who challenges Hanna to become aware of her own voice. The mysterious and fascinating young woman casts a spell over her that Hanna can hardly escape. But the friendship between the two is put to the greatest possible test: Lotte wants to leave this life. Hanna, who is torn between the longing to return to her family in good health and the desire to realise her dreams as an artist, has to make a decision...

MONTE VERITÀ is a period drama that could not be more modern: A young woman in search of personal freedom – her struggle to escape bourgeois conventions and the desire for emancipation, artistic self-realization and a life in harmony with nature. MONTE VERITÀ is a historical drama that poses the (unfortunately) still topical question of how much self-determination a woman is allowed to have in her life without being hostile to society.


Monte Verità

Feature film - in post production


Stefan Jäger


Kornelija Naraks


tellfilm, Katrin Renz


KGP Filmproduktion Wien, Barbara Pichler und Gabriele Kranzelbinder
Coin Film Köln, Christine Kiauk und Herbert Schwering
RSI, Alessandro Marcionni
MMC Movies Köln


Maresi Riegner, Max Hubacher, Julia Jentsch, Hannah Herzsprung, Joel Basman


Herstellungsleitung CH/Produktionsleitung AT: Robert Geisler, Produktionsleitung CH: Sara Bühring, Produktionsleitung DE: Markus Brinkmann, Kamera: Daniela Knapp, Szenenbild DE/AT: Katharina Wöppermann, Szenenbild CH: Nina Mader, Kostümbild: Veronika Albert, Maskenbild: Helene Lang


DCM Film Distribution

Funding Switzerland

Bundesamt für Kultur BAK
Zürcher Filmstiftung
RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera
IFFG / Kanton Luzern Kulturförderung
Ticino Film Commission
Kanton Tessin DECS
FOCAL Stage Pool

Funding Austria

Österreichisches Filminstitut
Film Fonds Wien
ORF Österreichischer Rundfunk

Funding Germany

Film und Medien Stiftung NRW
DFFF Deutscher Filmförderungsfonds