I am Her(e)_Poster


Transgender teen JESSE (15) has been living with her Grandmother in Switzerland since her own mother’s suicide one year earlier. On the anniversary of that fateful day, a commemoration ceremony is held and to Jesse’s dismay her estranged father MARCUS is invited along with his much younger wife and their newborn son. Marcus and Jesse’s relationship has been strained, particularly by his inability to accept her transgender identity and his insistence on calling Jesse by her dead name Keith.

But her grandmother passes along an envelope addressed to them by Jesse’s late mother that turns out to be a map and itinerary for this father and daughter to take a glacier tour near the legendary Matterhorn mountain. Jesse is reluctant to go with Marcus but ultimately relents at her grandmother’s urging.

Tensions grow between Jesse and Marcus as they set out on this expedition, but it hits a breaking point as they find themselves stranded alone in the Alps. Now, these two must find a way to rely on each other if they want to make it out alive.


Feature film in project development

Director and screenwriter

Vinz Feller


Invinzible Pictures, Inc.


Katrin Renz
Tommy Popps
Vinz Feller​