Horizon Beautiful

Spielfilm (2013)

90 min


Stefan Jäger


Ephrem Alemu, Mikyias Efram, Abiy Getahun und Oliver Keidel


Stefan Gubser, Henok Tadele, Kenny Allen, Rahel Teshome


tellfilm, Blue Nile Film & Television Academy

Swiss Distributor

Stamm Film


The successful Swiss CEO Franz Arnold (Stefan Gubser) heads a group of companies that holds the football rights around the world. He is coming to Addis Ababa for a campaign to sell his sport as an inspiration for hope. For Admassu, the 12-year-old street boy (Henok Tadele), this seems like a sign of fate. The boy wants to show the "Big Boss" his ball skills. When Admassu overhears how a few youngsters are working out how to kidnap the football boss, he wants to step in as a saviour in times of need. But the boy is forced to make his own plan: He must use the kidnapping to free Franz. Because once he has saved his life, the boss will have no choice but to take him to European football heaven out of gratitude. But the action gets completely out of hand.