Hello – Goodbye

Spielfilm (2007)

89 min


Stefan Jäger


Mona Petri, Stefan Gubser, Stefan Jäger


Mona Petri, Stefan Gubser, Francesca Tappa, Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart, Herbert Leiser, Kamil Krejci


tellfilm & Abrakadabra Films

Swiss Distributor

Frenetic Films

World premiere

3. Zurich Film Festival 2007 (Wettbewerb)


Melina (Mona Petri) is young and full of illusions. She is newly in love and ready to take life into her own hands. She has an intimate and loving friendship with her father (Stefan Gubser). But then he confronts her with an outrageous demand. Together father and daughter have to face their fears and experience how much courage it takes to let go of a loved one. HELLO GOODBYE is an emotionally stirring and visually haunting film that was shown in Swiss cinemas in autumn 2007 and premiered at the 3rd Zurich Filmfest.