Drowak_Key Still_Goes to Cannes

When the cheerful student Lena Jakobi applies to the "Amt" as a writing coach as part of a social programme, she has no idea of the abysmal nature of the nihilistic world of the unemployed Hugo Drowak.
Always drunk, unwashed and antisocial, Hugo nevertheless seems to have a remarkable talent for writing. Despite his notorious vulgarities, Lena continues to encourage him to face up to the creative process - and thus his own traumatic past.
Hugo begins to write about his great childhood sweetheart Ana and remembers with all his might the long-forgotten, magical power of love. Lena, who becomes increasingly close to a young "official employee" named Marlon over the course of the project, is deeply moved by Hugo's tender story and endeavours to uncover the human core behind his rough façade.
But digging for happiness in the misanthrope's past turns out to be the most deceptive of all traps. For "no pain is harder to bear than remembering the time of happiness in misfortune" (Dante Aligh- ieri). Hugo's past threatens to break him and Lena has no idea what to do about it. However, her encounter with Hugo has changed her and she begins to feel a new inner strength.
"Do you believe in angels, Mr Drowak?" is a magical and realistic story between tragedy and comedy. It tells of dreams and nightmares, of courage and fear, of hope and failure. Of love and loss. And of the mercilessness of longing.

Do you believe in angels, Mr. Drowak?

Feature film in production


Nicolas Steiner


Bettina Gundermann


Zieglerfilm Baden-Baden


MFG Baden-Württemberg, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutscher Filmförderfonds DFFF, SWR, HR, WDR, ARTE, Bundesamt für Kultur, Swisslos-Fonds Basel-Stadt, Swisslos- Fonds Basel-Landschaft, Zürcher Filmstiftung, SRF, Suissimage