Monte Libertà – the new feature film by Stefan Jäger

1906. A time of upheaval, society is shaped by fears and hopes. The first to drop out of this society start seeking their paradise, finding it in the south of Switzerland. There rid themselves not only of their clothing, but also of the mental corset that is threatening to suffocate society. They are the first to live the dream that flower children around the world will aspire to over 60 years later.

This magical, illustrious place, that is soon to obtain fame beyond the borders of the country, is like a magnet, attracting artists, idealists and seekers of meaning –and as a result, the first Hippie commune is born: on the mountain of truth, the “Monte Verità”.

The screenplay MONTE LIBERTÀ by Kornelija Naraks is will be realized by director Stefan Jäger. Katrin Renz is the producer of tellfilms upcoming feature film.

MONTE LIBERTÀ tells the story of a mother of two, Hanna Leitner, who takes on the journey from Vienna to the south of Switzerland, shortly after the sanatorium is founded. She is attempting to escape both her bourgeois role as well as her husband, by whom she is sexually harassed. In therapy with the young psychoanalyst Otto Gross, who exerts a great fascination on her, she soon realises the reasons for her deep fears and even her illness. She also senses, however, that the renowned doctor has a secret, that he is keeping her. He himself is a patient at the Monte Verità, trying to overcome his drug addiction.

Torn between feelings of guilt towards her family and a fascination for the life of the reformers, Hanna overcomes her initial reservations and discovers photography. Alongside the young Her- mann Hesse, the dancer Isadora Duncan and the founder of Monte Verità – Ida Hofmann – it is Lotte Hattemer, the mayor of Berlin‘s daughter, in particular, who challenges Hanna to learn the power of having a voice of her own. The mysterious and captivating young woman has cast a spell on Hanna, mesmerizing her. But as the two of them become closer, their relationship is put to the ultimate test: Lotte wishes to end her life. Hanna, who is once again torn between the longing to return to her family, cured from her illness, and the desire to fulfill her artistic potential. She has to make a decision…

MONTE LIBERTÀ is a historical Drama, that could not be more modern and relevant.

Starring Valerie Pachner, Liv Lisa Fries, Max Hubacher, Julia Jentsch and Joel Basman in the leading roles.