DYNASTIE KNIE – 100 Jahre Nationalcircus

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Circus Knie, SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR will be staging a 180-minute docu-fiction in two parts. The story of the Swiss National Circus is told over several generations through a fictional part, a documental part as well as archive footage. tellfilm produced the 50-minute fictional part under the direction of Greg Zglinski. Mona Petri in the leading role as Margrit Knie-Lippuner is the central character. With her, the viewer experiences the ups and downs in the history of the Swiss National Circus and obtains insight into the circus life that takes place behind the spectacular performances.

Now that the film has been shot, it is in post-production. We are looking forward to the broadcast of the film, which will take place in autumn 2019.

Cast: Mona Petri, Simon Käser, Ilja Baumeier, Samuel Weiss, Anna Schinz, Elisa Plüss, Jasmin Mattei, Ann Mayer and many others.

Crew: Pascal Walder (Camera), Nina Mader (Set Design), Damaris Eigenheer (Costumes), Martine Felber, Ronald Fahm (Make-Up), Reto Stamm (Sound), Urszula Lesiak (Editor), Domenico Blass (Screenplay), Corinne Steiner (Production manager), Katrin Renz (Producer), Greg Zglinski (Director)