10 Nominations for the Swiss Film Award 2018 for two tellfilm productions

We are very pleased, that our two feature films BLUE MY MIND by  Lisa Brühlmann and TIERE (ANIMALS) by Greg Zglinski have been nominated in every possible category for the Swiss Film Awards 2018. Our sincerest congratulations to everyone involved and best of Luck at the award ceremony on the 23rd of March 2018.


Best Fiction Film
Best Screenplay (Lisa Brühlmann)
Best Camera (Gabriel Lobos)
Best Actress (Luna Wedler)
Best Performance in a Supporting Role (Zoe Pastelle Holthuizen)
Best Film Editing (Noemi Preiswerk)
Best Film Score (Thomas Kuratli)


Best Fiction Film
Best Camera (Piotr Jaxa)
Best Performance in a Supporting Role (Mona Petri)