Feature (2013)

Director: Stefan Jäger / Screenplay: Ephrem Alemu, Mikyias Efram, Abiy Getahun and Oliver Keidel
Cast: Stefan Gubser, Henok Tadele, Kenny Allen, Rahel Teshome

Swiss soccer magnate Franz travels to Addis Ababa to promote his sport as a fountain of hope to humanity. For Admassu, a 12-year-old street kid, the chance to show off his artistry on the ball to the big boss himself seems like a magic door to a future as a soccer pro. When Franz ignores him, Admassu talks a group of halfwit thugs into kidnapping Franz. His real plan, though, is to come up as the football bosses liberator – finally opening the door to soccer heaven. But nothing goes as planned.

90min / Production companies: tellfilm, Blue Nile Film & Television Academy / Distributor: Stamm Film

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