Feature (2016)

Director: Julia C. Kaiser / Screenplay: Julia C. Kaiser
Cast: Anna König, Till Butterbach, Julia Becker, Ines-Marie Westernströer, Anne Ratte-Polle, Christian Natter

ANNA and HANS belong together; all their friends simply call them the HANNAS: a well-balanced long-term couple in their sleepy thirties united by a cooking obsession. One day, they meet ADHD sisters KIM and NICOLA. Secretly, the HANNAS each begin simmering hot love affairs with the sisters, but ultimately wind up emotionally put through the wringer– as sisters KIM and NICOLA are connected by something the HANNAS hadn’t suspected. THE HANNAS: A story about thirty-ish bodies, food and love.

100min / Production company: tellfilm Deutschland / World sales: Pluto Film / Distributor: W-Film / World premiere: 29. Juni 2016 at Filmfest München

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