A feature film by Dennis Stormer and Marisa Meier

World premiere:

September 25 at 9:15 p.m. at Corso, Zurich

YOUTH TOPIA wins the Audience Award at the 17th Zurich Film Festival!

The 85-minute feature by Dennis Stormer (writer & director) and Marisa Meier (writer & producer) dares a lot; constant format changes, shaky cell phone shots, a calf in the living room. It's a raw kind of cinematography, reminiscent of common social media content and thus constantly referencing reality.

The debut film is a portrait of a young generation that is beginning to understand that the privilege of self-realization is a lonely path. A generation under the self-created pressure to succeed, that misses a community, that feels that just being-in-the-world is the highest form of happiness. 

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